Sunday, October 3, 2010

Best runescape Guides

Hey guys, today i want to talk about the best RuneScape guides out there. I have found that the RuneScape Wiki page has been tremendously helpful, it literally has everything you ever wanted to know about RuneScape on it. It also has a Grand Exchange price checker thing, and it also has a common trade index checker, right on the main page. If you use this, you can find the best times to buy and sell your items on RuneScape to maximize your profits. Some of the content on this website includes:

* Achievement Diaries
* Activities
* Armour
* Bestiary
* Calculators
* Discontinued rare items
* Distractions and Diversions
* Dungeons
* Emotes
* Events
* Game controls
* Grand Exchange Market Watch
* Guides
* Guilds
* Locations
* Music
* Quests
* Skills
* Slang dictionary
* Upcoming updates
* Weapons

and even more than that. Here's the link:

Other great websites that are amazingly helpful are:



and Sal's Realm of RuneScape:

I have used all of these websites to help me out with the game. whenever im stuck on a quest, need help with a treasure trail, need to know the location of something, or any other help i need i turn to these websites.

Another great way to get the edge in RuneScape is watching a skill guide. A skill guide is a video you can find online (usually Youtube) that explains in detail how to level up a specific skill, usually the guide explains exactly what you need to do to get from level 1 to 99. There are also other guides on various things, such as money making guides, mini-game guides, and even humorous guides like "how to pick up chicks in RuneScape". In my opinion the guy with the best guides, is silentc0re, his guides are the most detailed and informative. He also has many other cool videos about RuneScape on his channel:

i recently just started the farming skill in RuneScape, but i had absolutely no idea how to do it, so i watched this guide by silentc0re to help me out:

anyways his guide really helped me out, and in just two days i got to level 40. RuneScape guides are really helpful when you're stuck and don't know what to do. They have helped me out immensely and I'm sure they can help you guys out too.


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