Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Essay About Laughter

Here is another essay i wrote for my Writing class:


I believe in laughter. Laughter has so many benefits for us. Humor can really lighten your mood, relieve stress, and also relieve conflict. Laughter is actually physically good for you; I can reduce stress hormones, and also boost your immune system cells. Laughter makes people feel good, and it also makes people feel happy. The ironic thing about laughter is that, even though they say it is the best medicine, it is more infectious than any disease. If someone tells a joke, or does something funny, people are going to laugh, which will promote even more people to laugh.

I find joy in laughing, and it can make my day all the better, especially if I’m having a bad day. People, and myself included, enjoy laughing enough to seek out things to make us laugh, like comedy shows or movies. I remember going to see the movie Get Him to the Greek with a big group of friends, there was about 15 of us. When we got to the theatre we ran into even more friends, and by time we took our seats, the room was nearly full of people we knew. We all enjoyed the movie and laughed together and it was great. I tell you this story because I specifically remember it because before I went to the theatre with my friends, I was not having a good day. I was stressed out from work, and various other things, and I was very irritable and angry, to the point where my family did not want to be around me. When I got back, my mood had completely changed, I was happy. Laughing can be a social experience, which makes it all the better. I believe everyone should have a good laugh more often, I believe that it would really make a difference in the world. People would be less stressed, happier and healthier. There would also be fewer conflicts among people. I would really make a difference.

I believe that it is a noble cause to make other people laugh, and some people do it for a living. Comedians are great people, they make people laugh; they make people feel good. Being a funny person can make other people like you more as well. Tell some jokes, have a laugh; it’s all good fun and good for you. Just as the French philosopher and writer Voltaire once said, “God is a comedian, playing to an audience too afraid to laugh.” What he says is still true today, many people are too afraid to laugh. This ought not to be. Laughter should be a part of every day, and some of us go far too long without laughing. I believe laughing is a good thing, so don’t ever be too afraid to laugh. I think you’ll be surprised at how much better things are when you laugh.

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