Wednesday, October 6, 2010

GameStop Buys Kongregate?

Over the past few years i have become a really big fan of online flash games, and my favorite site that hosts these games is by far Kongregate. But, in recent news, I found out that Kongregate was bought out by GameStop. I am also a very big fan of GameStop, however, i am a little bit skeptical of this action. I really don't want them to screw Kongregate up. its already a very good system, and I don't really want them to Change much.

Here is the official statement from Kongregate's website:


GameStop bought Kongregate. What does this mean for us?

Wait, what?

In technical terms, Kongregate has been acquired by GameStop as a wholly-owned subsidiary. In non-technical terms, this means that all your Kongregates are belong to GameStop.

All of them?

Yes. We also gave them 10,000 internets.

But I *LOVE* Kongregate!

We love you too, and so does GameStop! We decided to accept GameStop's offer because they love us and love you, and want us to continue to be one big, happy family. No, really. GameStop likes us for who we are and is not looking to change Kongregate - they just want to help us grow and improve.

BUT WAIT - WUT ABT GERG?! Will he be replaced by a robot who is also really tall and makes 192387219873 badges a day?

To be fair, Greg isn't the only Kong employee. But never fear, Kongregants, none of us are going anywhere. If anything, we'll be inviting more people to the endless party that is Kong. They have to bring a side dish, though. This all goes back to the "GameStop <3's Kong" thing we were talking about earlier.

So, uh, how much did Kong get bought for, anyway? Just sayin.

Not tellin'. :P No, really. The number is confidential.

Change is scary. What can I expect?

I have on good authority that we're finally going to lose the "beta" tag. Past that, really not too much. GameStop resources will allow us to improve the site much more quickly, but we're going to stay the same site that you have grown to know and lo- well, tolerate.

Seriously - Can we haz stufz?

ACTUALLY! We're trying to hook you guys up with some rad stuff to reward the time and energy you put into Kongregate. The plan is to do this through GameStop's PowerUp rewards program.

I have this "D" next to my name. Are things going to be different for me?

Not much! We're not making any changes to our uploading process, or to the way our rev share works. However since GameStop has over 6,000 stores and a lot of customers, it's pretty darn likely your games will be seen by even more people, and will generate more money! Speaking of which, thanks for the games. They're pretty swell.

So...things are mostly staying the same?

Yep! We've had a lot of cool stuff planned for the site and for you guys for a while now, and now that we're with GameStop it'll get done a lot faster. Other than that, business as usual.


Yes, you may use the restroom. Oh, it wasn't that? Well then ask us in the forums and we'll do our best to answer it.

Is there anything else? Or can I go now?

Well...there is one thing.
This site is pretty cool, we admit, but we really think that most of what makes it awesome is the people on it. Whether you're providing us with amazing games, helping to keep the site clean, or just helping by being around and being awesome, this site wouldn't be anything without you guys. So thanks for helping to make the site what is is, and we hope you'll stick around with us for this next exciting chapter of The Kongregate Adventure©.



I REALLY hope they don't screw it up.



  1. A big fan of Gamestop!?!?!
    Must be a joke. Gamestop is the biggest fucking rip off to gaming history.
    ME: Hey man I'm looking to sell this game I just purchased a few weeks ago
    EMPLOYEE: Alright, $4.00
    ME: WTF, you're selling it here for $35
    EMPLOYEE: Yep, wanna pre order a game and get exclusive content!
    ME: Fuck you

  2. Kongregate is garbage anyways. Newgrounds ftw.