Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Where have I been?

Well the short answer is, taking it easy for a while. The long answer is, taking it easy because i wrecked my car. Yeah, I was driving home from college on a back road, going a little bit too fast, and I went around a sharpish turn, I hit a few potholes, which caused me to lose traction, which made me skid into the other lane towards the opposite ditch, and when I regained traction, I over-corrected myself and went into the other ditch. The ditch was a lot deeper than it looked, and it caused my car to flip. I did a 3/4 roll, and then flipped back upright landing perpendicular to the road, right in the middle of it. I actually walked away from this with minor injury to myself. I only got a few cuts on the top of my head, and i smashed my left hand. Head wounds always bleed a lot, so there was quite a bit of blood, but i was fine. Here's a few pics of me and my car after the accident:

Yeah, needless to say, I could have died from this, and I am really happy to  be alive. I think i have learned my lesson, and i will drive a bit slower in the future, that is, when i get a new car.



  1. you are bloody lucky cars don't cost a bomb in my country... mine does

    btw remove your captcha here

  2. oh man ure soo lucky that wasnt fatal! but im glad ure still around and try to go slower on rough roads lol